The new corporate image

A new logo to represent the BiesSse world

Our Trademark portrays the soul of the Company, its fundamental Values and the essence of its Mission.

BiesSse’s communication aim has always been to focus on innovation, technology and future prospects. What is the best way to promote these concepts, considering that excessive communication is not always seen as an advantage?

BiesSse has very recently re-designed its corporate image, officially launched at the 2016 Drupa Fair, which is based on two core principles: synthesis and clarity.

The logo has been re-polished and streamlined, by eliminating the 3 S’s onthe left of the logotype.

BiesSse now has a single logo, representing close integration among the three company Solutions (adhesive tapes, industrial equipment, software), which has been designed in two versions:

  •          grey version: to represent moderation and equilibrium, values on which BiesSse philosophy is based;
  •          carbon texture version: to represent technology, reliability and resistance in BiesSse Solutions.

A completely new payoff has been introduced, stating clearly which is the ultimate BiesSse Mission thatmakes our Company stand out from competition, combining:

  •          overall support to the Customer
  •          search of the most effective solution based on the Customer’s requirements
  •          making the Customer’s challenges our own