BiesSse is once again “Supplier of the year” at Flexo Quality Award 2016

The Flexo Quality Award Prof. Sérgio Vay is an important award in the Brazilian flexographic industry.

It was created in 1993 by ABFLEXO / FTA-BRASIL and given name Prof. Sérgio Vay (who for several years worked in the Technical Commission of the Award and in the SENAI Theobaldo De Nigris School) in 2008, the year in which this unforgettable master of the technical education of the graphic arts in the country passed away.

It is awarded to the best works printed in flexography (Wide web, Narrow web and Corrugated Cardboard) of all regions of Brazil. The award ceremony, held at the end of each year, is traditionally recognized as the biggest annual event of the Brazilian flexographic industry. 

During the 2016 award ceremony, held on November 18th, we are proud to announce that BiesSse, associeated of ABFLEXO, has received once again the recognition as one of the main suppliers of the year to Brazil Flexo market. We are also very pleased to announce that some of our customers won a recognition in different print categories.

This prestigious recognition is an important result confirming the efficiency and the quality of the work carried out by BiesSse group in these years also through our subsidiary in Pinhais, that makes it possible to quickly and efficiently respond to customers’ demands and to ensure on-going assistance and support. The ABFLEXO Award impels us to work to improve our business proposal in this strategic market.