Flexographic Forum Poland 2016

PLFTA “Flexographic Forum” has just concluded and BiesSse wishes to thank all Customers and Stakeholders who visited our desk, showing great interest in our Solutions.

BiesSse, who is aware of the quality standard and potentials of the Polish market, decided to notmiss this major event where it was presented not only the company’s range of adhesive Solutions, but also the related equipment especially designed and developed for the printing market. 

The transition to a market economy that started in Poland in the 90s and the consequent increasing demand for consumer goods had created considerable opportunities for the packaging industry. Also Flexography has benefitted from this favorable market trend, with a rapid growth especially in packaging application, establishing itself as a very dynamic and continuously evolving industry with significant business opportunities for further growth and expansion.

Acknowledging the considerable importance of Flexography on the Polish market and with the aim of creating a network of opportunities for the many stakeholders, the PLFTA Trade Association (Polish Flexographic Technical Association) organizes every year a “Flexographic Forum”, the last edition of which was held in Wieliczka on September 21-22.  The event focuses on a conference including technical presentations of the most recent innovations in print processes (some of which have already been made public for the first time at the recent Drupa Exhibition in Dusseldorf), in order to stimulate ideas and discussions regarding possible opportunities and new solutions for the flexo market.  The Forum was preceded by a seminar on the topic of corrugated packaging and flexo printing, to be held on September 20.

BiesSse  was represented at the Forum by Mrs. Angela Conti, Area Sales Manager for Europe and Africa, and by Mr. Krzysztof Skrobot, Area Sales Manager for Poland.  On the second day of the Forum theymade a presentation by the title “Tape, Equipment and Software: three integrated Divisions oriented towards Innovation”.  The presentation is focused on BiesSse’s proposal for a  thorough integration of the know-how of its three Divisions (Adhesive Tapes, Equipment, Software), which has already enabled the company  to design and develop a Tape and Plate Mounting Machine (the TPMM): a unique installation capable of substantially improving the pre-press process, in line with Lean manufacturing practices.

At the BiesSse desk the visitors  was able to consult with our technical experts on bonding problems and on the various alternative solutions, to view and test most of our adhesive tapes range for printing applications, including the proven fifth-generation BS MOUNT.

For further information about the event, please visit the PLFTA website (http://www.flekso.pl/).

For additional information on BiesSse participation at the Forum and on our product range, please contact the following email addresses: