TPMM Open-Day event at BiesSse - May 13, 2016

BiesSse has presented its new highly advanced TPMM machine to a selected group of business partners during a special event which has taken place on May 13, 2016 at the company’s facilities in Sedriano, Milan (Italy).

Representatives of the company’s major Italian customers were offered the opportunity of  visiting the BiesSse production unit and viewing the various stages of the adhesive tapes manufacturing process, starting from where the raw materials are received right through the coating and cutting departments, and also the packaging warehouse where the products are prepared for shipping.

The audience was shown a simulation of tape and plate automatic mounting operations conducted on the TPMM.  This proved to be the crucial and certainly most interesting  moment of the whole event.

Our guests had the unique opportunity to assist at three mounting cycles, two full ones and one performed step by step.   The TPMM was greatly appreciated for its highly advanced features, such as: complete automation, mounting precision, cycle-time reduction and labour saving.

In addition to the success of the BiesSse Open-Day event, the TPMM has already generated considerable interest in the flexographic printing industry.  Proof of this are the numerous visits which are taking place from various Italian and foreign customers who wish to inspect the machine and tests it with their most complex and challenging mounting processes.