Technical Office

From design to construction

All machinery and software developed by our team of technical and engineers are designed in a way so that technology serves the operator rather than the operator becoming a servant to technology.

Highly advanced last-generation technology ensures a complete integration between the equipment and the computerized systems.

Our core competences are:

Mechanical design:
  • 2D design and development (Autocad)
  • 3D modelling (Solid works)
Electrical design:
  • Wiring system drawings (IGE-XAO)

Pneumatic design


  • Handbook and maintenance manual (2006/42/CE - CE marking - UNI EN ISO 12100:2010, UNI ISO/TR 14121-2:2012)
  • Analysis of electrical wiring lay-out (CEI EN 60204-1:2006)
  • Analysis of pneumatic wiring lay-out (UNI EN ISO 4414:2012)