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Label printing

Cushion plate mounting tapes


The BiesSse range of cushion adhesive tapes has been developed to meet the demands of high quality flexo printing.

The products are characterised by a foam carriers of different compressibilities and thicknesses, combined with different adhesive types and liners.
The innovative formulation of the highly resilient BiesSse foam ensures maximum printing quality, even with the most technically advanced and complex designes.

The BiesSse BS MOUNT range is used in flexo printingof labels, flexible packaging, and cardboard (pre-print). It consists of 6 adhesive combinations, 2 thicknesses range and 10 compressibilities, identified by specific colours to guidethe user in choosing the most suitable product.

Product advantages:

  • High resilience foam
  • High adhesion and clean removal
  • High performance embossed liner
  • Excellent printing results at very high speed and long print runs

BS MOUNT Sample Book

Label printing

In narrow web flexo printing small diameter cylinders are being used, frequent job changes are made, and different and complex label designs are the norm. Compared to wide web printing, narrow web printing normally requires adhesive tapes with higher adhesion.

Our adhesive tapes provide a perfect plate bonding onto the cylinder or sleeve; they compensate any possible plate deformation occurring during the print run, and ensure perfect thickness calibration.