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26 mar 2016

Run the tape

FlexoTech- Key Article Mounting Tapes, Michal Lodej.

Highly specialised adhesive tapes are available to help printers achieve the best quality of printing that today’s customers insist upon and which are so vital to the flexible packaging markets.

Today’s flexo printers are constantly looking to perfect the quality of their printing and to improve their processes. Printing quality, speed and efficiency are essential to meet the growing demands of their customers. Double-sided adhesive tape is one of the many vital parts of the flexographic print process.


Tapes for all


Italian manufacturer BiesSse has a product range which covers packaging, labels and pre and post print for cartonboard. For packaging and labels, the tapes are manufactured in much the same way. These tapes provide adhesion of the plate onto the cylinder or sleeve during high speed printing operations and in the presence of ink vapors, as well as being able to compensate for possible deformations of the plate or any other part of the printing system.

The adhesive tapes used for these applications must be resistant to solvents and to the detachment force of the photopolymer plate, depending on its elasticmodule and on the centrifugal force generated during printing operations. At the same time, they must be able to be de-mounted at the end of the run without leaving any adhesive residues. An extra consideration for label printing in particular is where the small diameter cylinders normally used requires a greater adhesion strength than in wide web printing.


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