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17 feb 2017

Sticking together

FlexoTech_2_2017 - Key Article Mounting Tapes, Michal Lodej. 

Every part of a flexo press has to be singing in perfect harmony for the output to please the customer and generate a good profit. Tapes are of course no exception and play a vital role in ensuring the press runs to its full potential.

Technology advancements in flexo printing continue to hit the market on a regular basis, with anilox rollers, software, presses, plates and screening formats all becoming more advanced. All of these contribute to the capability of flexo to compete with the alternative printing processes – litho, gravure and digital. At the same time, with and more printers using fixed pallet systems the need to improve the transfer/laydown of the ink to the substrate surface is paramount. Take into account the challenges of the extensive variety of substrates to be printed upon and the desire to produce a winning print, and this is indeed a complex challenge.


Tapes for all seasons

The wide range of BiesSse double-sided adhesive tapes especially designed for the printing industry cover many different applications, such as flexible packaging, labels, cardboard pre-print and post-print.

The BS Firm range features various rubber-based adhesives (wet style), normally with medium/high adhesion levels, balanced on both sides. The BS Print range features a selection of combined acrylic (dry style) and rubber-based (wet style) adhesives, generally with medium adhesion levels differentiated on each side. This product range ensures easy mounting, repositioning and removal.

The BS Mount range offers several features that make them an ideal choice for flexo printing applications, providing an effective cushioning system as well as a high resilience formula for good printing results at very fast speeds.

Its high performance adhesive system gives strong adhesion but allows the tape and plate to be lifted with a clean removal after printing, leaving no adhesive residues.

Also important is its air bubbles repellent liner. The transparent colour makes it easier to identify air bubbles and is especially designed with a structure that allows the exit of air bubbles.


Tapes 2

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