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05 apr 2016

The automation conversation

Flexo & Gravure Global_1_2016 - Articolo TPMM, Helmut Mathes.

The next steps in plate mounting for flexo printing

Whenever discussions about flexofraphic printing platestake place, one item is seldom mentioned in spite of the fact that it is one of the most important devices to obtain good print quality. The plate mounting operation establishes, to a considerable degree, the print quality that can be obtained.


The TPMM was developed by BiesSse Tape Solutions, the adhesive tape and equipment producer in Italy. BiesSse spent about three years with a team of engineers developing the TPMM, which is the only automatic tape and plate mounter available on the market. It performs almost all the operations involved in plate mounting.


In addition to the objective of automating the plate and tape mounting operation on one compact machine, the uniqueness of the TPMM lies in the fact that the operators does not need to move sleeves during mounting. The sleeves have to be moved severeal times on competitors'equipment.


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