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Our Values

A successful team beat with one heart

BiesSse business activity focuses on very deeply felt and sincere values, which have remained the same through the years and reflect the principles on which the founder of the Company has always based his business and personal conduct.

Such values are integral to the company’s DNA, they guide its strategic decisions and inspire its overall philosophy, business conduct, personal relations and commercial activities.

BiesSse's Ethical Compass

BiesSse recognizes the importance of ethical and social values in work and business.

We have always been committed to sound and responsible management of our activities and stakeholders while respecting the community we are a part of.

Our code of ethics defines the core principles and values of BiesSse, and establishes the reference rules of conduct for those who work with us and for us.

BiesSse's code of ethics is the compass that guides the Company's employees, collaborators, as well as suppliers, customers, business partners and anyone who, directly or indirectly, permanently or temporarily, establishes relationships or business relations with us.

Download the Code of Ethics

We stimulate enthusiasm and energy in performing one’s own job in relation to others.

We make a special effort day-by-day so that everyone can discover and develop his own talents and, in doing so, achieve his own self-fulfilment.

We promote exchange of knowledge and experience acquired on job to achieve common shared objectives.

We count on intrinsic individual ability to generate new ideas in a unique way.

We believe that a consistent on-going improvement can only be the result of an honest, critical and unconditional analysis of our behavior, actions and results.

Planning ability
We adopt a well structured planning system to achieve common objectives optimising and enhancing our resources.

Active listening
We believe in the potential of active listening for our personal enrichment, knowing our interlocutor more deeply and building successful.

We want to direct the personal energy to produce positive value and bring about a balance, that support the solution of problems.