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Tape manufacturing

Coating plants

The development of an adhesive tape requires a laboratory coating with different technologies and set up tests.

That is why we developed a solution that enable to test up to 5 coating systems on one pilot plant.

The increasingly frequent need to produce different types of adhesive tapes on the same plant has led us to develop a technological solution capable of including up to 11 different treatment and coating stations in the same plant.

Within the context of the realization of special customized plants, this case history represents a success story for BiesSse.

Starting from a customer’s product idea, our technicians have engineered and industrialized the technological solution and the required product.

Extrusion and lamination equipment 

The highly delicate phases of extrusion and lamination require extremely limited thickness and pressure tolerances.

This is the focus of our engineers' efforts to ensure high-precision composite products.

Die-cutting and spooling machines

Particular formats, such as die-cut or spool, require sophisticated tensioning, transport, cutting and rewinding systems, which can be obtained only with cutting edge technological solutions.

Cutting and slitting machines

The main task of our processing machines is to preserve and enhance the technical quality of the adhesive tape during the cutting phases.

Our cutting systems are based on a high-precision technology, due to the complex and delicate operations related to adhesive tape converting.