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Flexographic printing pre-press

BiesSse develops specifically designed equipment solutions to respond to the main critical points of the pre-mounting process.

Our know-how and technical expertise acquired in production of technical adhesive tapes allow us to realize plants and advanced equipment to support the adhesive tape and plate application for a high-quality printing.

PRT - Pressure Roller Trolley

The PRT is the automatic pressure roller, patented by BiesSse, capable of ensuring a calibrated and homogeneous pressure along the entire sleeve surface and offering a mounting quality that is not otherwise easly reached with standard pressure procedures.

Absence of plate-lifting, air bubbles and streaks

The PRT allows to provide the right pressure on the adhesive tape, in a repeatable way, in order to obtain the adhesive power established on the basis of the type of double-sided adhesive used.

The pressure is automatically recalibrated, based on the number of plate mounted.

Thanks to a low friction sliding rail system, the smooth progressive increasing pressure of the PRT on the plate ensures an ideal bonding to the widest possible contact area.

The PRT system features a special mechanism, which compensates any deformation of the roller during the application, ensuring an even distribution of pressure over the entire surface of the sleeve.

The roller, covered with a specially designed non-stick, soft flexible rubber, guarantees excellent conformability.

Guaranteed traceability

The dedicated and user friendly innovative software installed on the PRT, specifically developed by BiesSse,  allows to detect and register the main information about the tape and the equipment used, such as date of the order, time, reference number, color and printer settings.

The software operates connected to the customer's computer system, based on data entered by the operator, through a touch screen monitor, and allows all data to be memorized for future use.

TPMM - Tape and Plate Mounting Machine

Based on its deep experience in flexographic printing market and as a relut of a accurate study of the critical issues affecting the tape and plate mounting, BiesSse has designed and developed an innovative solution.

The TPMM is a fully automatic compact machine, which combine all those pre-press activities that normally are conducted manually and separately:

  • Sleeves measurement
  • Liner removal and tape cutting
  • Tape mounting
  • Plate mounting
  • Final inspection

Working on the TPMM, the operator can now focus exclusively on the process, since the machine is able to conduct automatically and without problems all the different process phases.

One single shift

The TPMM is able to reduce to four times the cycle time necessary to provide a complete tape mounting, reduce the number of operators from 4 to 1 while keeping the same number of mounted sleeves, improve mounting precision, ensure pprocess repeatability, and eliminate air bubbles and streaks.

With the TPMM, the BiesSse team has developed a system able to mount 50 sleeves complete with double-sided adhesive tape and plates in one single shift.

The BiesSse compact solution to mounting criticalities


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