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Tape Division

Constantly evolving tape solutions

The Tapes Division designs and produces highly performing adhesive tapes for the most challenging industrial applications on the global market.

A team of highly skilled chemists is continuously working on the development of ranges of performing products with different degrees of adhesion (removable, repositionable, semi-permanent, permanent and ultra-permanent tapes), cohesion (Low, Medium and High) and wettability (Wet and Dry).

The high technical expertise of our R&D team, alongside the wide range of supports, liners and adhesives used, enables BiesSse to provide customized solutions according to the customers’ specific requirements as well as assistance during the design, development, testing and implementation processes.

BiesSse Equipment Division engineers have designed and developed the company’s coating installations, which are capable of conducting the coating process based on solvents, emulsions and hot melt technologies by using the best range of adhesives available on the market (natural and synthetic rubber, pure and modified acrylics, silicone).

The wide knowledge of the raw materials and of the latest manufacturing technologies has enabled BiesSse to produce highly performing products for the most advanced technological and innovative industries.

BiesSse production is currently addressed mainly to the following sectors:

  • Printing
    The wide range of BiesSse double-sided adhesive tapes, especially designed for the printing industry, covers all the most important fields of application, such as flexible packaging, labels, pre-print and post-print cardboard.

  • Industry
    The range of adhesive tapes for industrial applications has been designed to meet the requirements of the most challenging and innovative markets, such as solar energy, fashion and insulation.

  • Automotive
    The BiesSse adhesive tapes for the automotive industry, which have been designed for a wide range of functional applications as well as for interior and exterior decorations, meet the requirements of car manufacturers and their suppliers in the original equipment (OEM) and aftermarket field.


Coating of single-sided, double-sided and transfer tapes with solvent, hot-melt and water based technology.


Converting into spools with single or double-sided adhesive tapes with or without fingerlift liner.

Taglio di rotoli su misura

Custom roll cutting

Lathe or slitter cutting of single-sided adhesive, double-sided adhesive and foam rolls to a defined extent.


Production of die-cuts to bespoke designs by means of rotary technology or laser cutting.