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Research and Development

Ongoing innovation and improvement

Its continuous investments in R&D have enabled the BiesSse group to develop a wide range of innovative solutions in line with the latest technologies available on the market.

Our team of chemists and technicians work daily on the design and development of new solutions for the most challenging applications, in order to offer our customers the best possible products and to anticipate the requirements of an increasingly demanding market.

The BiesSse's Technical Department, consisting of a Quality Control lab and a R&D lab, is equipped with cutting-edge precision measurement instruments, including dynamometers, Shear test equipment, electronic microscopes, a climate chamber, a pilot coater, and a rheometer.

As a further confirmation of our commitment towards innovation and product development, a new Technological Centre will be set up in our plant in the near future for the design and testing of newly developed adhesive tapes and related equipment, where the expertise of our technicians will be shared during special training courses.