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What We Offer

Your challenges, our mission

The BiesSse philosophy is to face the most demanding challenges presented by the market by developing innovative an even unconventional solutions.
Our approach is a proactive one and our objective is to be market drivers able to upgrade the most advanced industrial processes.
BiesSse supports its customers constantly, trying to find suitable solutions to meet their requirements.

Ongoing innovation and challenging solutions
Innovation is a key word for the growth of a company that is committed to supply new solutions in an ever-changing market.

Thanks to our steady investment strategy in research and development, BiesSse is capable of improving, innovating and revolutionizing the most challenging industrial processes, making them highly efficient and effective.

BiesSse's proposal is based on a complete integration among our solutions (adhesive tapes, equipment and software) designed to improve our customers’ industrial processes.

Customized solutions
What is most important in designing new solutions is to know exactly the customer's requirements and the specific type of production process involved.

The BiesSse team is highly flexible in dealing with customers' requirements and tries to find the most suitable solutions that fully satisfy their request and anticipate possible future needs.

Technical expertise and cutting-edge technologies
The whole range of BiesSse products features a high-tech content, based on our company's advanced proprietary know-how.

The in-depth knowledge of industrial applications and of the major issues related to the use of adhesive tapes, enables BiesSse to design, develop and manufacture technologically advanced industrial solutions ensuring high performance, maximum safety and efficiency in all production processes.

User-friendly technology
BiesSse solutions are designed to be user-friendly and to optimize users' production time.

Our philosophy is to put technology at man’s service, so that operators are not bound by technological constraints.

The correct separation of the machine gear from the working areas makes it easier to operate and maintain our technically advanced installations.