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30 Oct 2022

New BS TNT versions

One of BiesSse top-of-range and best-selling products for general bonding applications, the BS TNT GV is now enriched with two new thicknesses.

Depending on your needs and application, now you can choose among the following adhesive tapes:

Serie BS TNT

Main benefits

  • High tack adhesion
  • Adhesione to LSE materials
  • Environmental resistance

Main applications

  • Automotive - Structural bonding of car components | Gaskets, sound deadening and insulation materials bonding...
  • Building - Gaskets and insulation materials bonding | Fixing of trimes and decorative elements…
  • Splicing - Splicing of paper, cardboard and film materials
  • Converting - Excellent water jet and die cutting characteristics | Converting into adhesive based gaskets
  • Industrial assembly - Appliance assembly | General industrial sub-assembly